With the release of Write Quickly While Writing Well, the long-anticipated Write a Great Novel series took off in style! Four additional books in the series have already been released and more are scheduled for coming months, so sign up for the newsletter and we'll drop you an email as each book is released.

Current books in the long-anticipated series:

The Write a Great Novel series gives you everything you need to get started and leads you through the steps necessary to become a successful author. Whether you’re after that killer contract from New York or you plan to publish your work independently, the Write a Great Novel is the comprehensive series on writing you've been waiting for.

While the information covered by the series is exhaustive, the tone of the series is not. By design, the writing has been kept light and lively. The information revealed was gathered over a 35-year career as a writer and captures the lessons learned from decades of teaching others how to make their writing dreams come true.

You’ll learn about:

  • The one rule every successful writer must follow
  • How to start writing and keep writing
  • Beginnings, endings, and everything in between
  • Story, from the initial idea through to the exciting conclusion
  • Characters, from heroes to villains, viewpoint characters, and fail-safe techniques for creating characters that readers will want to read about again and again
  • Traditional vs. Self-Publishing, and which is right for you
  • How to make money as a novelist, including what you should write and how to market your published novel
  • Tips on how to be more productive and write faster and better than you ever have before
  • A reliable and repeatable process that allows you to write quickly while writing well
  • And much more!